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electroless nickel engineering office

Entrust your project to our teams of experienced technicians and engineers, providing optimised and efficient solutions.

A Multidisciplinary Engineering Department

Kanigen Group has several teams of chemical and mechanical engineers, together with technicians, some of whom have more than 30 years of experience. Together, they work to integrate new technologies into processes, such as 3D printing, while continually developing an unrivalled knowledge base.

Our Multidisciplinary Teams' Objectives:

  • Inspire equipment manufacturers by providing:
    • Design support
    • Training
    • Assistance in drawing up specifications
  • Work with the suppliers to achieve the quality required by the end customer.
    • Kanigen Group provides suppliers with technical data to guide and support the development of new projects.
    • Example: How to avoid quality issues in the design and manufacturing of welded parts?
  • Offer solutions for the industrialisation of adapted processes, production equipment, tooling, masking methods, packaging, etc. 
    • Example: Assistance in the creation of a 3D printed model from a .STEP file for assessing the feasibility of electroless nickel plating to avoid air pockets or fluid retention.
  • Industrialise specific processes to meet the needs of each market, such as setting up a grey room that meet the cleanliness requirements of the semiconductor industry, while also ensuring that the solderability of automotive components is maintained. Our objective: zero defects!

  • Offer logistical and/or capacity solutions.
    • Example: Kanigen Group has set up a logistics platform at its Belgian site, where it receives finished parts arriving from India. These are then processed by Kanigen and, following final inspection, prepared for shipping according to the specifications of the European or Asian market. The parts are then sent directly to the equipment manufacturer's site in Europe or China.

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