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Get inspired by electroless nickel


We are constantly striving to offer the best complete/overall/total solutions for the electroless nickel plating of metal parts (by means of the Kanigen® process and variants) based on strong partnerships. We place top priority on providing excellent service. 

Our slogan is at the heart of our mission: to inspire, guide and assist you!


The technological world is facing multiple challenges and will experience profound changes in the coming years. 

At Kanigen Group, we are convinced that the Kanigen® process is a efficient and green solution for the future. Electroless nickel plating makes parts more durable and thus helps to reduce the environmental footprint. 

Kanigen Group is committed to a responsible approach and to the protection of our beautiful planet.


electroless nickel expertise


Kanigen Group has always prioritised its core business: electroless nickel according the Kanigen® process. By permanently focusing on electroless nickel plating and its different variants we were able to acquire exceptional expertise in this field.

electroless nickel passion


To work with passion in everything we do. Whether in consulting, production or our range of services.

electroless nickel innovation


Monitoring the market, the needs of our customers for today and tomorrow. Innovating every day, investing to offer each sector the personalised service it needs.

electroless nickel partnership


To be a partner that respects its commitments and favours dialogue and advice in moving forward together to build a fruitful relationship.

electroless nickel commitment


Committed teams who care about everyone's health and safety and who are determined to address short and long-term environmental concerns.


Our ambition is to provide global and competitive solutions to equipment manufacturers and their suppliers in the most demanding of markets, such as the automotive, semiconductor, high-end and industrial sectors.

We want to be your partner and guide you through every step of your project.

Our objectives can be summarised as follows:

  • To anticipate and respond precisely to industry needs.
  • To inspire equipment manufacturers by providing design support, training and assistance with specifications.
  • To work with their suppliers to achieve their desired quality.
  • To offer solutions for the industrialisation of adapted processes, equipment, cost cutting measures, packing, etc. 
  • To industrialise specific processes that meet the needs of each market, such as the implementation of the grey room to meet the cleanliness requirements of the semiconductor sector.
  • To establish robust and repeatable processes. Our objective: zero defects!
  • Offer logistical and/or capacity solutions.

We also work with universities and renowned institutes on complex projects that require specialised knowledge or measuring equipment.

This unwavering focus on customer service has enabled Kanigen Group to become one of Europe's leading companies, offering the widest range of electroless nickel plating services.

Going forward, we want to maintain this position and continue offering new solutions, both to the system builders as to their suppliers, large and small.

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