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The widest range of Electroless Nickel Plating in Europe

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Engineering Solutions

Entrust your project to our teams of experienced technicians and engineers, providing optimised and efficient solutions.

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Electroless Nickel on Aluminium

Have you ever considered electroless nickel plating for your aluminium parts or components? There are a whole host of benefits that are not to be missed!

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electroless nickel on aluminium
nickel chimique automobile

Qualified Automotive Processes

Did you know that our automated lines have been approved by the automotive industry? Over the years, we have developed a real know-how for this challenging market.

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Are you familiar with the soldering process on electroless nickel plating? What new properties can this innovation of Kanigen Group bring to your parts and/or equipment?

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electroless nickel soldering

Solutions that meet your expectations

Completely Uniform Coating, Very Precise and Without Edge Effects 



Kanigen Group specializes in metal surface treatments and is now one of Europe's leading electroless nickel plating companies. The group has two complementary production units in France and Belgium.

Kanigen France in Bonneville

In 2007, Kanigen Group set up its surface treatment plant in Bonneville, close to its bar turning customers, in the heart of the Alps.

Kanigen France focused on the surface treatment of technical parts for the automotive market, including parts for engines and transmissions.

Today, its future lies in the ecological transition. The company is currently positioning itself in emerging markets such as e-mobility and electric vehicles.

Kanigen Works Benelux in Genk

Kanigen Works Benelux was founded in 1959 in Genk, in the industrial heartland of Limburg. At the time, we were one of the few pioneers in electroless nickel plating in Europe.

Today, Kanigen Works Benelux focuses on the processing of technical parts for growth markets such as semiconductors (stepper-wafer-machines).

Kanigen Works Benelux also specializes in electroless nickel plating for the hydrogen production market and in the treatment of aluminium parts, including parts for power electronics for the automotive market, as well as very large parts.

Kanigen France au coeur des Alpes françaises

Kanigen France in the heart of the French Alps

C-mine à Genk, l'ancien terrain minier réaménagé

C-mine in Genk, the redeveloped former mining site

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Kanigen daily stand up meeting
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electroless nickel visual endcontrol
electroless nickel ultrasonic gas flow meter
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electroless nickel casing
Kanigen Group engineering office
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electroless nickel welded frame

What our customers say about us


Arnaud Cossée de Maulde

Business Unit Director - Rail

Esco Couplings


‘Electroless nickel plating, setting up a logistics platform, final inspection, packing and shipping, etc. I was impressed how Kanigen Group was able to put in place the necessary procedures to deliver directly to both our production sites in Belgium and China. Thanks to the team at Kanigen Group for their efficiency!’

Arnaud Cossée de Maulde

Jan Verbrugge

Department Head Puchasing Production Materials



‘Kanigen Group is a valued product development partner for our ABS systems. They provide full support, whether by identifying the right type of layer, carrying out feasibility studies, drawing up specifications and control plans, or assisting our subcontractors during the part manufacturing process. They set up robust, reliable and competitive in-house treatment processes with one objective: zero defects.’

Jan Verbrugge

Fabrice Bodin

Site Manager

Poppe + Potthoff


‘For many years, we have maintained a close relationship of trust with Kanigen Group, both in terms of quality and technical aspects. Together, we have worked on a number of demanding contracts. This successful partnership has been further enhanced by the establishment of Kanigen's new Bonneville production site.’

Fabrice Bodin

E. P.




‘We have developed a welded vehicle frame for the production of optical components within a clean room environment. Kanigen Group provided us with the necessary technical support and guided us through optimizing the construction while meeting our high cleanliness requirements. Despite the geographical distance between the two companies, our respective teams managed to achieve a high-quality product.’

E. P.



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