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10 years Kanigen France

'10 years Kanigen France

In 2007 Kanigen Works Benelux invested more than 4 M€ in a new production plant for electroless nickel, in Bonneville, the heart of the Haute Savoie in France. Main reason : to be near its clients. Today Kanigen France employs 15 people for a turnover of 2 M€ in 2017.

Kanigen France is active in surface treatment of technical parts and offers several variants of electroless nickel, all plated according to the Kanigen® process. Electroless nickel plating is an efficient technique sometimes insufficient known, and the deposit has as most important quality to be completely uniform and precise. It offers the part new properties as corrosion resistance and resistance to wear. The plant in Bonneville is equipped with an fully automated production line and with a huge know-how which enables them to respond to the highest requirements, as for example defined by the automotive and oil industry.

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