The Kanigen Group has been working for nearly 30 years for defence and system builders that develop weapon systems, offering a number of customized services. The black electroless nickel process will, for example, make it possible for us to meet various demands of this industry. Our company references include several clients, weapon manufacturers and system builders.


  • Electroless nickel : parts of radar and missile systems
  • Electroless nickel with PTFE: parts for machine guns, … .
  • Black electroless nickel: regulators for scuba divers (special forces), telecommunication connectors, integrated components in weapon systems, vision systems, ...

Applied platings
Electroless nickel, NiPtef (electroless nickel with PTFE) and black electroless nickel.

The strengths of the Kanigen Group
In 2011 Kanigen Group invested in production equipment for black electroless nickel plating