Performant platings

Specializing in electroless surface treatment of technical products, Kanigen Group offers several variants of electroless nickel, using the Kanigen« process.



Markets with high needs

With nearly 60 years of experience, the Kanigen Group is a partner for industry, system builders and their suppliers.


2 Factories

Kanigen Group is an innovative company that continuously invests in its means of production in order to achieve the goals that have been set. Our 2 production factories allow us to ensure the logistic flow at all times and in all circumstances.


Kanigen Works Benelux


Kanigen France

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Expansion of the Kanigen Works Benelux plant

Expansion of the Kanigen Works Benelux plant

Kanigen Works Benelux invested in 2017 in an enhanced of the actual production facilities to 5 700 m2. The new surface represents 1 200 m2. A new water waste station will be integrated. In the near futur new means of production will be installed. ...