Services of Kanigen Group

As a supplier, Kanigen Group is often part of a global process that involves multiple participants: system builders, but especially their parts manufacturing suppliers. For each of them, Kanigen Group tries to offer customized solutions meeting specific needs.

With nearly than 60 years of experience, the Kanigen group has developed a set of specific services, based on customer demand.

Technical support and development

  • Technical support for system builders and their suppliers during the development of a new product and / or project.
  • Feasibility studies of the plating process of specific projects and products.
  • Workshops onTare regularly held at our two production sites and at our customers’ locations or their clients’ sites.

The capacity to adapt the secondary production processes to specific needs

  • The development and in-house manufacturing of specific tool to meet specific product requirements.
  • Integration of peripheral processes.

Packing according to customer requirements

  • Packaging according to customer specifications, such as blisters, or by other established methods.
  • The integration of the packaging after final inspection, including labelling according to GALIA or VDA, as part of the logistic flow of system builders, including direct delivery to the assembly line of the end customer. As an example, we have been supplying Continental, which builds ABS valves and systems, for several years.

Packing according to high purity standards

  • Packaging and final inspection with UV light in a clean environment, mainly for system builders and their suppliers in the semiconductor industry and vacuum applications.