Semiconductor and Vacuumtechnology

The Kanigen Group aims to continuously develop its processes in order to continue to meet the high purity requirements of the semiconductor industry.

We are qualified suppliers of ASML and Applied Materials and our expertise is recognized by several system builders and their suppliers in the semiconductor, 3D printers for metal, scanning electron microscopes and vacuum technology industries.

In 2002, the Kanigen Group built a dedicated electroless nickel line, to plate large machine frames for ASML (wafer stepper machines).

Kanigen Works Benelux is equipped to handle, clean and control with UV light frames and vacuum chambers up to 3000 kg.


  • Machine frames
  • Vacuum chambers
  • Guiding systems
  • Fixation systems, …

Applied platings

  • Electroless nickel and NiPtef (electroless nickel with PTFE)
  • Black electroless nickel is currently being evaluated for laser, optical and vacuum applications.

The strengths of the Kanigen Group
Packaging and final inspection with UV light in a clean environment.