On- & Offshore, subsea applications

The Kanigen Group has been working for nearly 30 years for system builders active in hydraulics, ball valves, knife gate valves, butterfly valves, compressors for offshore, oil & gas metering and drilling systems, heavy load lifting, high load security systems… , offering a number of services.

Diffused high phosphorous electroless nickel, for example, meets the severe requirements for on- & offshore and subsea applications.

Diffused high phosphorous electroless nickel deposits enhances:

  • Corrosion resistance
  • Wear resistance in extreme conditions

TApplied platings and their applications

Electroless nickel:

Compressors, hydraulics, valves, flow metering products for natural gas, high load security systems, … .

Electroless hard nickel:

Oil & gas drilling, heavy load lifting, clamping systems for oil rigs …

Diffused electroless nickel:

  • Subsea projects and on- & offshore applications

The strengths of the Kanigen Group :

  • High phosphorous electroless nickel
  • Large bath dimensions :
    • 3100 x 2200 x 2000 mm
    • D800 x 3800 mm
  • Compliant with current standards
  • References: mayor system builders in several offshore segments.