Low phosphorous electroless nickel (1-3 wt%P)

Low phosphorous electroless nickel is a technical layer composed of nickel (Ni) and phosphorus (P: 1-3 wt%). It is applied using the Kanigen ® process (electroless and autocatalytic) by immersion in an aqueous environment.

This type of deposit is generally used in applications where electrical conductivity is important, as sublayer for soldering and PCB assembly.

Thanks to its high hardness « as deposited », it is also chosen for components needing a high surface hardness without having to apply a heat treatment.

Treated materials

The electroless nickel process makes it possible to treat a broad spectrum of metals that are used in industry. The most common that are found at Kanigen Group are: construction steel, alloyed steel, cast iron, stainless steel, aluminium alloys, copper alloys, ...

We also treat more uncommon materials like : silver (Ag), INVAR, 17-4 PH, …

Properties of low phosphorous electroless nickel

  • Hardheid : 700 HV0,1


  • Connectors
  • Splines for gearboxes

The strenghts of Kanigen Group

The plating bath dimensions are : 1500 x 650 x 650 mm.