Kanigen Group, your partner in electroless nickel plating

Specializing in electroless surface treatment of technical products, Kanigen Group offers several variants of electroless nickel, using the Kanigen® process. This process gives the plated parts interesting new mechanical and chemical properties.

With its technical expertise, Kanigen Group sees itself primarily as a partner. Our ambition is to propose competitive and integrated solutions, not only to the system builders but also to their suppliers in various markets: industry, semiconductor and automotive. With nearly 60 years of experience, the group has developed a set of specific services based on customer demand.

We also offer customized training courses for our customers’ product and production development teams.

Kanigen Group is an innovative company that continuously invests in its means of production in order to achieve the goals that have been set. Our 2 production factories allow us to ensure the logistic flow at all times and in all circumstances.

The strength of Kanigen Group is first of all an experienced team of skilled technicians and a multilingual technical sales team that advises and assists customers with the necessary technical support.

Our vision

The vision of Kanigen Group is deliberately pragmatic: to offer customer support at every step of executing a project.

In this way, the Kanigen Group is able to offer solutions that add real value in developing the product and in the peripheral processes required to produce this product :

  • expertise and technical support during the product development process,
  • implementation of appropriated technical solutions and / or production tools, finding logistic solutions in close collaboration with customers, such as packaging and direct delivery to the assembly line of the final customer,
  • integration of complementary technologies such as packaging in a clean environment (gray room),
  • close cooperation with renowned universities and institutes in the context of complex projects, where special knowledge or research methods are required,
  • continuous training of development teams of our clients, but also of our own operators.

The desire to be at the service of our customers made it possible for the Kanigen Group to be one of the European market leaders in today’s electroless nickel market. To reinforce that, we invest in new technologies, tailored to specific markets.

Our competences


The Kanigen Group has always focused on its core business, i.e. the application of electroless nickel layers using the Kanigen® process and the further development and industrialization of the production of its variants in order to meet the market demand.

Performant means of production

Kanigen Group has two high-performance and versatile factories. The plant in Genk (B) is the largest and includes two manual lines, two fully automated lines, three production units NiPtef, two production units for black electroless nickel and a “clean (gray) room” . The plant in Bonneville (France) is equipped with a fully automated line.

The Kanigen® process in compliance with European guidelines

The Kanigen Group still makes its own chemistry according the Kanigen® process. It enables to plate with different phosphor contents (low, medium and high). Kanigen Group invested in measurement equipment compliant with the ISO4527 standard in 2012, to guarantee a specific phosphor content. The Kanigen® process evolved over the years to become compliant with the current RoHS and ELV directives. The chemical regulation on REACH has also been integrated.

Constant quality

The two production units of the Kanigen Group are ISO9001:2008 certified. This certification was completed with the requirements expressed by the standard ISO/TS16949:2002. In this way, the Kanigen Group, can integrate the specific processes, depending on the product requirements, on a personalized and manageable way for both its automotive and non-automotive clients into the existing documentation of the ISO9001: 2008 quality system.

Sustainable and ecological entrepreneurship

Sustainable and ecological business development is part of the strategy of Kanigen Group. We continuously invest in new advanced technologies respecting the environment. In 2007, during the construction of the new plant in Bonneville, a wastewater treatment unit and water recovery system based the on the latest technologies were installed. In 2009, 2 new vapor degreasing machines (with zero emission) were installed at the factory in Genk. In 2017, the plant surface in Genk increased with 1200 m² to integrate a « clean (gray) room » , a new waste-water treatment unit and a water recovery system.


  • Kanigen Works Benelux : ISO9001:2008
  • Kanigen France : ISO9001:2008

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