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Offshore and marine applications

Kanigen Group has worked for almost 30 years with manufacturers of hydraulic systems or components, ball, slide and butterfly valves, offshore compressors, oil and gas flow measurement systems, drilling components, extremely heavy lifting, lifting safety system, submarine elevator rods, etc.

High-phosphorus diffused electroless nickel, for example, meets the strict requirements of underwater, on and off-shore applications. It increases:

  • Corrosion resistance
  • Wear resistance in extreme conditions

Our solutions

Protection against corrosion

Underwater environment


Reduced Friction

Qualified Processes

Kanigen Group has a strong presence in the hydraulics and gas industry and is co-author of the NAM specification.

On request, we can work in accordance with diffusion layer application standards.

The following standards can be applied:

  • Petrobras: ET-3000.00-1500-950-PMU-001
  • Technip: KA02
  • NOV: SP-ENG-004
  • Wellstream: MTL-5212
  • Schlumberger: ES40290
  • Etc.
diffusion layer standards
dimensions of the nickel plating tanks

Means of Production

Bath dimensions:

Electroless Nickel:

  • Non-alloyed steels
    • 3,100 x 2,200 x 2,000 mm
    • D800 x 3,400 mm
  • Aluminium: 2,600 x 2,050 x 1,000 mm


  • 600 x 600 x 1,500 mm


Electroless Nickel:

Compressors, hydraulics, valves, natural gas flow measurement components, lifting securing systems, submarine steering rods, securing and fastening systems, rotary connectors, etc.

Hard Electroless Nickel

Drilling and heavy load lifting systems, etc.

Electroless Nickel with PTFE

Valve components

Diffused Electroless Nickel

Underwater projects and on- & off-shore applications.

drilling systems - subsea projects

Get inspired by electroless nickel

hydraulic cylinder components
compressor applications
subsea applications
natural gas industry
petrochemical valve parts
support the design of new projects
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