Diffused Electroless nickel

Diffused high phosphorous electroless nickel is a Kanigen® electroless nickel deposit with 10 wt% phosphor (P). After heat treatment > 600° C, a diffusion layer appears in the carbon steel substrate resulting in an enhanced :

  • Corrosion resistance
  • Wear resistance in extreme conditions

Properties of diffused electroless nickel depostits

  • P content 10 wt%.
  • Electroless nickel deposit in compressive stress.
  • A layer thickness of 75 µm
  • The heat treatment > 600°C results in a diffusion layer of 2 - 4 µm in carbon steel.
  • After bending over a mandrel through an angle of 180° until failure of the basis occur, according to ASTM571, no cracks appear in the diffusion layer.
  • Hardness of the deposit after heat treatment: 650 - 750 HV0,1



Diffused ENP


Diffused ENP after bend test


  • flowmeters for natural gas
  • on- and offshore applications
  • subsea applications

The strengths of the Kanigen Group

  • High phosphorous electroless nickel
  • Large bath dimensions:
    • 3100 x 2200 x 2000 mm
    • D800 x 3800 mm
  • Compliant with current standards.